We offer the opportunity to improve your well-being in an exclusive and motivating atmosphere. Take some time off to lounge in by the pool or swim at the infinity pool. With the jungle front and center, life couldn’t get any better than this. Or, you can also visit Manis Spa and allow yourself to be pampered in the hands of our experienced therapist. Also, enjoy your free time at the resort by trying the hotel activities.



To infinity and beyond, the main swimming pool at Amatara Athaya Ubud is built to make a lasting impression. It is a place where you can sit back and truly embrace nature – with its tall palm trees and the sound of the Petanu river in the background. A place where your worries and troubles melt away. A place where you can be yourself, and be truly happy. The pool is available for all guests, as well as the lounger by the side of the pool. 


Manis Spa at Amatara Athaya Ubud is a pure refreshment, a relaxation of the soul, pure journey of revival. Treat yourself to this rich history, in which unique natural ingredients found in various indigenous flowers are combined with a skilled therapist to provide a very special health and beauty experience.